For many months now I have been wondering what the purpose of this blog is. It usually lies defunct with me posting once in a blue moon. Recently though I have found reason to make this blog more active.

I’m your average 24 year old Muslim. I live in Bangalore with my wife and an insatiable appetite for reading. I began reading with my mother’s encouragement and used to love all sort of fiction that the Indian teenager loves. For an in depth understanding Bookless in Baghdad by Shashi Tharoor might help.

But life experiences since school to professional life have turned my interest towards Islam. What started out as a casual interest has developed into a serious passion after certain turning points one tends to come across in life. While I might not be a true seeker of knowledge, I aim to put in a little more effort than the average Joe in figuring out what Islam means. To do so I spend a lot of time reading about Islam, gaining knowledge and trying to put it into action.

This blog is an attempt to share with readers Muslim and non-Muslims alike, my thoughts on Islam and the collected knowledge I have gained from the experts of this religion, both classical and contemporary. I acknowledge I am not an expert in Islam, ( I don’t even know Arabic hence the resources I have access to, are limited), nevertheless, I feel there is a pressing need to bring forth the relevance of Islam to as many people as possible. Considering that Islam and Muslims are in the news every day, it is only fair that Muslims use their own voice to speak instead of always being spoken about.

I don’t attempt to make this blog a polemical or critical analysis of other religions/thoughts because I believe it doesn’t serve the purpose of spreading knowledge about Islam. I want this to be a space where I present to you Islam in my own way and hopefully convince you we can be friends.

To your highest success then!


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